Why I Opted For H2O Wireless A My Network Provider

I am a 30 year old bachelor who had just been recently off from my work a few months ago. I have to cut down with my expenses nowadays and I must find a stable job as soon as possible. While I don’t have any regular job as of the moment, I make use of my writing skills and ventured into freelancing. The pay can be good at times, but as I mentioned it’s not on a regular basis. Being a freelance writer involves a great deal of keeping in touch with your clients for more projects, and on way of getting in touch is by having a mobile phone. But considering my current situation, I have to be on a tight budget and having a cell phone could be no more than a luxury rather than a necessity. Lucky for me I’ve heard about H2O wireless and it really helped me some ways. In this article, I am going to talk about my experience in using H2O wireless as my service provider and why I continue using it.

What Is H2O Wireless:
As far as I know, the H2O Wireless is a network carrier that is powered by American Wireless. It’s one of the top mobile networks in the United States today and it takes pride in giving affordable offers to mean income individuals. They have reasonable call and text plans starting at just $40. This means that I can really get the true value of my money from the kind of services they are offering. I started using H2O Wireless 2 months after I was laid off.

The Advantages I Had In Using H2O Wireless:

Over the many months I have used H2O Wireless I can cite some advantages on the services they are offering. Here are some of them:

1. Very affordable plans – as I have mentioned, H2O call and text plans starts at $40 and what’s best about this is that they are offering unlimited calls and texts. This means I can make a call and send SMS all I want without having to worry of depleting my balance.

2. Wide coverage – I do some work-related travels at some point in time when my client requires me to do so. And so far there are no problems on communicating with them anywhere in the United States. This is because I have learned that H2O Wireless is connected with some leading providers in the country which gives them a wider coverage for their subscribers.

3. iPhone compatible – I also have a friend who lost his job. He also needs to keep in touch with his friends and family using a mobile phone, but he found it to be too expensive to maintain the AT&T service. I introduced him to the H2O Wireless and fortunately they have this feature which allows any iphone users to switch network carriers without having to do the process of unlocking the iPhone (given that the iPhone is locked under AT&T). Now my friend still uses his iPhone, but this time he’s under H2O Wireless.


The H2O Wireless is a mobile network for the masses. It really suits my current lifestyle and because of the affordable offers and it really delivers excellent service to mean income individuals like me.

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