Safelink Wireless

Refers to a programme provided by the government of the United States to offer a free airtime and cell phones to American citizens who earn some monthly income. It is also a service offered by TracFone wireless for households which are potentially able to attract some income. For individuals participating in this wireless service, certain requirements have to be met.

safelink wirelessSome of those requirements include having a postal address to enable free phone shipment service as well as live in vicinity that can easily receive letters from the postal offices of the United States. Another key requirement is that no phone carrier is allowed to transfer lifeline service to another phone within the same household. Failure to do so might lead to a permanent withdrawal of a Safelink wireless by the U.S government.

With more than eighteen million subscribers, TracFone enjoys the reputation of being the largest ‘no contractor’ cellular provider in the United States. This service uses a simple trick to operate. That is offering a detailed and magnificent focus to prepaid services.

Features Related to Safelink Wireless Service

All nationwide calls within this service are in an equally similar rate to the international long distance rate depending on the phone’s specifications.Besides, features like voicemail, caller Id and call waiting are included for free depending also on your phones specifications. Another feature of a Safelink wireless service is that it enables its users to use TracFone Airtime cards and call 911 for free. Finally, another feature worth mention is when the international carry over minutes plan, calling and texting are selected; the minutes which are yet to be used will always be carried over.

How to Apply For a Safelink Wireless Service

For a person willing to apply for the above service, certain few steps have to be followed.Consequently, it’s important to note that before applying, you must be a citizen of America with a working post address and living in a locality that can be able to access mail from the government postal offices.

1. The first step would be to visit the Safelink wireless service website and fill in the application form correctly.

2. Secondly, download the filled out application of your records.

3. Writing down the enrolment Identification provided by the Safelink wireless service would be the next steps as this would enable you confirm and ascertain the status of your application.

One of the major drawbacks of this programme is the ultimate deactivation to its clients who fail to use their phones for duration of two months. When making or receiving of calls, assurance, reachout and Safelink wireless all regard utilization of the Safelink wireless service as the making or receiving of a call, reading texts, receiving messages and dialing other numbers by mistake. Those clients whose phones have been de enrolled from the service will be given a duration of one month to reactivate their lines by calling the customer care services.

Those failing to re enroll within these thirty days will face the risk of having their cell phones completely deactivated from the Safelink wireless service.However, one merit about this is that those whose phones were de activated will definitely receive the minutes they were to receive immediately their phones were deactivated.Similarly, enrolment can also be done by outreaching customers who decide to revive their Safelink wireless usage activity.

Benefits of the Safelink Wireless Service

1. Lifeline Support

Safelink has enabled the lifeline support by wireless phones. In recent years, lifeline was only available in form of a discount which only came as a result of the landline telephone bills. Nowadays; such discounts are a history as many American citizens can easily access the life line support despite having wireless telephone devices.

2. Easy Universal Accessibility of Telecommunication Services

The vision that Americans have always had of a universal access of telecommunication service has been made a reality by the Safelink wireless. Countless states within the United States such as Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, California, Georgia, Florida and many others are using Safelink as from late 2009.

Safelink has come to serve humanity in the most desirable way making the telephone invention even more ideal than it initially was. The greatest question remains; will the current man rely on the efforts of his earlier colleague or will he strive to improve the already established communication technology?

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