ReachOut Wireless

What the ReachOut Wireless Cell Phone Program Offers

ReachOut Wireless is a free cell phone program that is supported by the United States government to assist low income households get cell phone services. It is based on the idea that everyone has a right to own a cell phone including people who have poor credit scores. The U.S. government tied up with Nexus Communications Incorporated to launch this program.

reachout wirelessReachOut Wireless mainly focuses on the provision of prepaid mobile phones and services. One great feature about the program is that customers do not have to enter into the service contracts associated with cell phone service providers. Customers also do not have to pay hidden costs when they sign up for the program. They do not have to pay more than they can afford. Customers get to know how many minutes they have used and they are therefore able to keep costs low when using ReachOut Wireless.

This program also provides customers with high quality phones that have advanced features. Many mobile phone models are available including basic and advanced models. Customers just have to select the phones that suit their needs and they can add airtime online or by buying it at a ReachOut Wireless retail shop. Customers who meet eligibility criteria can get free mobile phones that come with free minutes. On average, customers receive free 50 minutes per month and the minutes can be forwarded to the next month for a period of twelve months. The program has a variety of tariffs that suit the needs and requirements of all customers. ReachOut Wireless retail shops have different help lines, which provide general and technical information about the program.


ReachOut Wireless package features

The following are the features that ReachOut Wireless customers enjoy.

  • caller ID
  • directory assistance
  • nationwide long distance
  • 250 free phone minutes
  • Lifeline access
  • Voice mail

For additional fees, customers can add the following services to their plans by calling customer service.A cell phone

  • International calls
  • Limited text messaging
  • 3 way calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting


Eligibility Standards

People who want to be part of the program have to meet certain requirements that the U.S. government has set out. Eligibility standards are based on a person’s income and the state in which one lives. If one’s income falls under the income poverty guidelines that the U.S. government defines, he/she or his/her household is eligible for a free cell phone. To be eligible, a person has to meet the income poverty guidelines that the U.S. government defines or participate in federal or state support programs. People who are currently enrolled in government assisted programs such as the following qualify.

1. Medicaid

2. Supplemental nutrition assistance (food stamps) program

3. Federal public housing assistance

4. Supplemental security income

5. Home energy assistance program for low income people (LIHEAP)

6. Temporary assistance for needy households

7. National school free lunch program

8. If no member of a household is enrolled in the Lifeline program – If an individual in a household is enrolled in the Lifeline program, it is mandatory for him/her to cancel the services in order to apply for the services provided through the ReachOut Wireless program.


How to Apply

Applying for the program is very straightforward. You can apply at the ReachOut Wireless website. The first thing to do is type in your zip code to find out if the program is offered in your area. Another way to apply to the program if you qualify is by calling ReachOut Wireless customer service. You can also download and fax an application to the retail centers. If your application is approved, you will enjoy all the benefits that the program offers.

ReachOut Wireless customer service will notify you by text message or email every year asking you to recertify your application in order to determine if you are still eligible to participate in the program. This is a great program for seniors who need a cell phone and are on Medicaid or other forms of federal or state government aid. It is even possible to qualify on the basis of low income alone.

This program also offers you the opportunity to transfer services to a cell phone that you currently own. This saves ReachOut Wireless the cost of a cell phone and is also beneficial for you because your personal cell phone may be a little bit better than the free cell phones offered by the program. This program is legitimate and you should not assume that you do not qualify. Just visit the ReachOut Wireless website and apply.

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