I Am Connected Thanks To Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is one of the network providers that can be availed by U.S. citizens for free. This network is powered by TracFone wireless to provide an affordable mobile service to mean income households in the Unites States. In order for you to avail of their service, you must follow these specific steps for applying a subscription:


– You should be a citizen of the United States

– Next step is to go to the Safelink website and download a copy of the application form for you to fill up.

– Provide the necessary information on you application such as you postal address (for the shipment of your phone and for sending of bills) and other key information needed to proceed with the application.

– The last step is the writing down of the enrolment identification which is provided by Safelink Wireless and wait for the confirmation of your application.



Safelink boasts in having the largest number of subscribers in the country (18 million) and as of the moment they provide these following monthly plans:


1. Plan 250 – 250 minutes of free calls for local and international + 1 text/minute + all the standard features.

2. Plan 125 – 125 minutes of free calls for local and long distance communications + 1 text/minute + all the other standard features.

3. Plan 68 – 68 minutes of free air time (local and international) + 3 texts/ minute + all the other standard features.


NOTE: All the minutes are subjected to be carried over for next month’s use and it should only be one subscription per household. Transferring of subscription from one family member to another is not permitted if they situate on the same area. Should there be some cases like these, the subscription will immediately be terminated by Safelink.

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