How reliable is H2O Wireless service?

What exactly is H2O Wireless? It’s a prepaid phone service. You can pay by month. In my experience I would say H20 Wireless service has a few pros and many cons. I experienced speed drop on many occasions. Their data speeds are slower than dial up. I couldn’t receive or send picture messages.

One thing I ‘m happy about H2O Wireless is, it works with iPhone well without having to unlock the iPhone. But their instructions are not comprehensive. I had trouble in understanding how to set up the service. Nevertheless, I like H2O unlimited service as it provides unlimited talk, web and text.

The worst part of H2O Wireless is their customer service. Their support is not satisfactory. Their customer care personnel hardly care to solve the problems of the customers. They are often rude and don’t show any interest to resolve the issues of the customers. Sometimes I had to stay without a phone for over a week, as the SIM card I bought was used by someone else already.

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