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I Am Connected Thanks To Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is one of the network providers that can be availed by U.S. citizens for free. This network is powered by TracFone wireless to provide an affordable mobile service to mean income households in the Unites States. In order for you to avail of their service, you must follow these specific steps for applying a subscription:


– You should be a citizen of the United States

– Next step is to go to the Safelink website and download a copy of the application form for you to fill up.

– Provide the necessary information on you application such as you postal address (for the shipment of your phone and for sending of bills) and other key information needed to proceed with the application.

– The last step is the writing down of the enrolment identification which is provided by Safelink Wireless and wait for the confirmation of your application.



Safelink boasts in having the largest number of subscribers in the country (18 million) and as of the moment they provide these following monthly plans:


1. Plan 250 – 250 minutes of free calls for local and international + 1 text/minute + all the standard features.

2. Plan 125 – 125 minutes of free calls for local and long distance communications + 1 text/minute + all the other standard features.

3. Plan 68 – 68 minutes of free air time (local and international) + 3 texts/ minute + all the other standard features.


NOTE: All the minutes are subjected to be carried over for next month’s use and it should only be one subscription per household. Transferring of subscription from one family member to another is not permitted if they situate on the same area. Should there be some cases like these, the subscription will immediately be terminated by Safelink.

Safelink Wireless Keeps you Connected

We are living in a time where communication is essential. Being able to make and receive calls when every second counts can be the difference between life and death. With the current state of the economy, the cost of a new phone and maintaining service month to month can be a difficult economic challenge. That is why I am so grateful to Safelink Wireless for keeping me connected and providing me with a lifeline when I need it the most.
It feels great not having to worry about bills, contracts, credit checks, or hidden fees that only serve to push me even farther into debt. I get 250 minutes every month that are absolutely FREE to keep me in touch with all the important people in my life. It can be tough living on a very fixed income, but thanks to Safelink Wireless, I no longer have to worry about receiving that hefty phone bill at the end of the month.

I feel safe again thanks to safelink wireless

I was not sure what I was going to do when I gave up on a job earlier this year. I knew that my financial status was about to change and not for the better. I also knew that I would have to give up any nonessential spending that I could. My cell phone plan was expensive. I needed a communications device but there was no way I could afford to keep my current plan being out of work. Safelink wireless made my life so much easier.

I had never heard of the cell phone provider before, a friend of mine told me that the government offers emergency cell phone service to people who qualify because of their income. I made a few phone calls and applied for the service and found that I qualified. The application was easy to fill out and I received a free phone a few weeks later. I was still nervous about the whole thing.

When I got the phone and called the number I was supposed to call and immediately found out that I got free minutes every month. It’s only a few hours but that’s really all I need. The sound quality on the calls is amazing. I was surprised because I figured it would be lower than my more expensive phone. This was not the case, and I have only had a few dropped calls since I started using this service a few months ago.

I also have the option of using text messaging to communicate with people if I want to do so. This means I don’t have to feel isolated because I no longer have my more expensive phone plan. There is also the option of using voicemail so that I don’t have to worry about missing calls if I don’t have my phone in front of me.

If I don’t use my minutes during the month they carry over to the following month. This means if I know I’m going to be out of town or need this service for some reason I can monitor my number of minutes left and plan accordingly. The individual I spoke with what I got the phone also told me that if I want unlimited service I can pay to keep the phone once I start making better money again.
They did tell me that I am only allowed to have one of these phones per household. I found this to be a little bit frustrating because I wanted my teenage daughter to have one too. Instead we share the one that we have, if I know that I’m going to be home during the day I just let her use my phone.

I am grateful for safelink wireless because I don’t have to overspend for cell phone service anymore. Instead I can focus on providing for my other bills but still stay connected to the rest of the world. Best of all I get a great service for free. I guess that’s just the way it is sometimes, the best things in life really are free.

Minor problems, but worth it for a free phone!

I lost my job about four months ago, so I was excited to learn about the Safelink Wireless program to get a free phone. The application process was simple online, but I got my phone 10 days later than the 7-10 days I was told. I also had issues activating the phone after I got it. After calling their customer service for two days I finally figured out the problem, and now my phone is working just fine. I have heard a lot of people complain about this service, but the way I look at it is that it’s free, so why complain? I’ve had my phone for 3 months now without any other issues. Unlike others I have read about, my phone never seems to have problems when I put minutes on it every month. If you want a free phone, Safelink Wireless is definitely worth the time and effort. My parents taught me that it’s not polite to complain about something that’s free, so that’s how I feel about Safelink.

Gental Review About Safelink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is really a system maintained the federal government that provides a totally free cell phone as well as minutes every month with regard to income-eligible individuals. SafeLink Wireless, Heart line support, that have advantages for example TOTALLY FREE cellular support, a totally free cell phone, as well as FREE air flow period, can be acquired through getting signed up for this program.

Heart line Assistance is actually portion of which program that was developed by the federal government to supply reduced or totally free telephone in order to the actual consumers who else perhaps unable to purchase or even obtain mobile phone because of their affordable circumstances. SafeLink Wireless offered the Lifeline In order to assist those individuals to obtain this particular beneficial service.SafeLink Wireless offered the Lifeline In order to assist those individuals to obtain this particular beneficial service You potentially can attain TOTALLY FREE cellular support, a totally free mobile phone, as well as FREE Moments each month, via their Heart line Support. SafeLink Wireless Service will not price everything to some of the user — Keep in mind that possess any agreements, neither recurring charges or some kind of month-to-month costs. For those who have not really used any kind of minutes supplied in a single 30 days then these types of will certainly roll-over within the next 30 days. Almost all basic useful solutions including unknown caller IDENTIFICATION, call-waiting as well as voicemail tend to be incorporated with the actual package and they are cost free. If make use of a few additional moments, you might have the chance to purchase TracFone Air time Cards from your nearby TracFone merchant: Walmart, Family members Buck, and so on SafeLink Air time Cards ought to be accessible quickly. The precise amounts of advantages we. electronic. the amount of totally free Minutes each month is determined by new york state you reside.

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