H2o Wireless

H2O mobile service provide best service in very affordable cost

H2O wireless is a mobile company that has a broad network coverage area, has variety of affordable plans as per users need, compatible with all iPhone, and has no hidden fees and no contract service that makes it one of the best mobile service providers.

It always gets difficult for people when they need to buy a cell phone service in best price and a service that give a broad network coverage but with H2O wireless they can get it all very easily. Association of H2O wireless with some leading GSM providers like T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Sprint and Virgin Mobile make sure it has widest network coverage and you always remain in network.

People also want to reduce their phone bills and they can certainly do it with various unlimited calls and data plans. These plans give you liberty to make unlimited call in country in very affordable price. With $40 you can make unlimited calls, text and MMS, with $50 plan you can get additional 250MB of Web also and in $60 plan with call, text and mms you get unlimited data also.

With H2O wireless you don’t have to worry about hidden cost as they charge only as per your plan so you know what would be you maximum bill and you can plan things accordingly. They have no specific contract so you can leave it whenever you want, so you don’t have to stick with the plan or service for a fixed time even if you don’t want to use their service. And they give this liberty because they know once customer comes to them he would not like to leave them because of excellent service and tremendous plans. Their service is also compatible with all iPhone models so users need not to worry about compatibility of their iPhone with H2O service.

If you need to explain H2O service in one line you can say a mobile service provider that gives best services in very affordable cost.

Why I Opted For H2O Wireless A My Network Provider

I am a 30 year old bachelor who had just been recently off from my work a few months ago. I have to cut down with my expenses nowadays and I must find a stable job as soon as possible. While I don’t have any regular job as of the moment, I make use of my writing skills and ventured into freelancing. The pay can be good at times, but as I mentioned it’s not on a regular basis. Being a freelance writer involves a great deal of keeping in touch with your clients for more projects, and on way of getting in touch is by having a mobile phone. But considering my current situation, I have to be on a tight budget and having a cell phone could be no more than a luxury rather than a necessity. Lucky for me I’ve heard about H2O wireless and it really helped me some ways. In this article, I am going to talk about my experience in using H2O wireless as my service provider and why I continue using it.

What Is H2O Wireless:
As far as I know, the H2O Wireless is a network carrier that is powered by American Wireless. It’s one of the top mobile networks in the United States today and it takes pride in giving affordable offers to mean income individuals. They have reasonable call and text plans starting at just $40. This means that I can really get the true value of my money from the kind of services they are offering. I started using H2O Wireless 2 months after I was laid off.

The Advantages I Had In Using H2O Wireless:

Over the many months I have used H2O Wireless I can cite some advantages on the services they are offering. Here are some of them:

1. Very affordable plans – as I have mentioned, H2O call and text plans starts at $40 and what’s best about this is that they are offering unlimited calls and texts. This means I can make a call and send SMS all I want without having to worry of depleting my balance.

2. Wide coverage – I do some work-related travels at some point in time when my client requires me to do so. And so far there are no problems on communicating with them anywhere in the United States. This is because I have learned that H2O Wireless is connected with some leading providers in the country which gives them a wider coverage for their subscribers.

3. iPhone compatible – I also have a friend who lost his job. He also needs to keep in touch with his friends and family using a mobile phone, but he found it to be too expensive to maintain the AT&T service. I introduced him to the H2O Wireless and fortunately they have this feature which allows any iphone users to switch network carriers without having to do the process of unlocking the iPhone (given that the iPhone is locked under AT&T). Now my friend still uses his iPhone, but this time he’s under H2O Wireless.


The H2O Wireless is a mobile network for the masses. It really suits my current lifestyle and because of the affordable offers and it really delivers excellent service to mean income individuals like me.

How reliable is H2O Wireless service?

What exactly is H2O Wireless? It’s a prepaid phone service. You can pay by month. In my experience I would say H20 Wireless service has a few pros and many cons. I experienced speed drop on many occasions. Their data speeds are slower than dial up. I couldn’t receive or send picture messages.

One thing I ‘m happy about H2O Wireless is, it works with iPhone well without having to unlock the iPhone. But their instructions are not comprehensive. I had trouble in understanding how to set up the service. Nevertheless, I like H2O unlimited service as it provides unlimited talk, web and text.

The worst part of H2O Wireless is their customer service. Their support is not satisfactory. Their customer care personnel hardly care to solve the problems of the customers. They are often rude and don’t show any interest to resolve the issues of the customers. Sometimes I had to stay without a phone for over a week, as the SIM card I bought was used by someone else already.

H2O wireless kept me from drowning

I was going through a difficult time in my life and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to pay all of my bills. It was at that time that I found H2o wireless and I felt like I could start breathing again. The superior sound quality was surprising to me. The best part was that I no longer have to worry about excessive monthly bills. The affordable nature of the communications service made it easier for me to focus on my other financial obligations.

The best part is I didn’t lose any of my favorite features like voicemail or text messaging. I was able to save money and still remain connected to the world around me. I didn’t lose any ability to communicate worldwide either. I know that even when I get back on my feet I am going to stay with the service provider because of the amazing service they offer.

H2O Wireless Review by Sirikal

H2O wireless which was formerly refered to as o2 wireless is a prepaid countrywide GSM mobile phone service operated in the U.S by the Lotus Communications. This service offers its customers an unlimited plan allowing customers to use any AT&T phone. It has monthly plans that include a $60 plan for unlimited talk time and text, 2GB of data or websites with no contracts. This service provider popularity is majorly because of its ability of the clients to bring their iPhones on the H2O network without changing the applications such as unlock and jailbreak. H2O wireless is powered by the leading GSM network with a wider coverage than Sprint, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile. One of the main H2O advantage is that you can use any unlucked T-mobile/ GSM or AT&T phone with glowing fast 4G speedwhich powered by the largest and fastest 4G network.

H20 wireless is a no contract service provider and customers are loyal because they love H2O. If you have been getting surprise bills in your mail consider migrating to the H2O as they don’t have any hidden fees. Customer service is readily avaiable by just calling a toll free number during the usual business hours or through email. The payment options are also easy as you top up your account by buying refill cards either by ordering online or by retail store. H2O offers its clients several international calling alterantives with one of such options offering calling to some countries same as the domestic rate. One of the H2O drawback is that most of its plans are confusing. The offer both minute and monthly plans which give the customers different rates for each service. For instance there are $40,$50 and $60 monthly plans that offer unlimited picture messaging, text, data and talk time. The daily plans also offers unlimited talk and text on the pay as you go side plan.

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