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Aim To Connect All With Assurance Wireless

Apart from rail, road and flight, today people need a phone connection that makes them resourceful. People want to get connected at least for health issues and social causes. At the same time, acquiring a cell phone is tough for low income range people and especially for them, Assurance Wireless is the solution, wherein an eligible poor man can avail a free phone with monthly free talk time and free SMS package.

This free service rendered by USA Government is cultivated by Virgin Mobiles USA. It is specifically designed to provide free phone communication to citizens of lower income group, unemployed or disabled. For authentication, the citizen should have registered in different government agencies like SSI, Medicaid, Temporary assistance to needy families, Federal Public Housing Assistance, etc.

The application form can be printed from the official site of Assurance Wireless and after submitting the duly filled form, if the applicant is eligible, the free phone with package is sent to the applicant within 3 to 4 weeks.

Only one member of a family is eligible to avail this scheme which again, is not transferable.

As per scheme, the eligible citizen shall be provided with a free cell phone and a monthly package of 250 minutes free talk time including long distance calls and 250 free text messages. Every subsequent month this pack is added to the consumers’ account.

Apart from the free package, one can upgrade by paying some extra amount for additional features like increase in talk time, MMS, SMS and international calls. People can buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards for these extras to the existing free calls and SMS.

Cheaper ways to keep in touch during hard economical times

Assurance Wireless interestingly has received many negative reviews from unsatisfied customers, but all is not lost. Having had the chance to apply for the product, I must say that they are some of the most efficient providers. Upon receiving the product the sale representatives are some of the most excellent found in the market. They take their time to explain all the required details of using this product.

Assurance Wireless is an incredible product. It comes with a free cell phone and amazingly 250 free sms each single month. It also boasts of another 250 minutes free calls and an affordable monthly plan for anybody trying to save each available cent. Unknown to many people, this program is real and the next time you get to see the advert on TV, call the number and you will be glad you did. It is an amazing product to help keep in touch during such difficult economic times.

The Pros And Cons Of Assurance Wireless

In these hard times, it’s not easy having a mobile phone. Apart from terms and conditions of the services you have to follow, you also have to maintain the monthly fees to keep the network from functioning. What if you are one of those who are underprivileged and cannot afford any mobile phone, yet you need one based on your necessity? Is there are way to get a mobile phone in the cheapest way possible? Fortunately, we are living in the land of the free and because of that the United States is willing to provide mobile phones from Assurance Wireless. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of using Assurance Wireless. This article is created to give an overview of what this network can offer to the American people.

Network Profile:
To begin with, let’s talk about the profile of this network provider. Assurance Wireless is a network which is powered by Virgin Mobile U.S.A. for the United States government. They provide free mobile network services to qualified individuals who are categorically belonging to the underprivileged class. To be more specific these are those individuals who have low income due to less job opportunities, the unemployed, marginalized public, and those who have disabilities. The Assurance Wireless standard plan includes free mobile phone with 250 minutes of local or long distance calls and text that can be consumed for a month. Once you qualify for the Assurance plan, you have the option to upgrade the services they are offering provided that you will now have to pay fo the additional features.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Assurance Wireless:
The Advantages of acquiring the Assurance network are as follows:

1. The basic plan is provided for free – this means that you can use your mobile phone without having to worry of paying any fees.

2. Free mobile phone – you don’t have to purchase the mobile phone unit because it is given for free, provided that you qualify for the category of the underprivileged.

3. Plan upgrades option available – once you have the means to pay for the additional service, you can upgrade your existing plan into a much better service to suit your every needs.

On the other hand, the downside of using Assurance Wireless includes the following:

1. Available only in selected areas in the United States – this means that there are only limited states that can avail of the Assurance network service.

2. One phone per family – this means that only one unit of mobile phone is issued per family. What if there’s more that one member of the family who needs a mobile phone?

3. Basic plan is fixed – this means that once you have consumed all the perks included on the standard plan, you will still have to wait for next month to avail of their services again.

All in all, the assurance wireless is a great network for those who are trying to make ends meet. It may be limited to some areas in the country, but at least the United States government is still doing something for the people. If given a chance, are you going to use this network provider?

An Assurance To Stay Connected Always

All those problems that we had in past of not being able to stay in contact with our loved ones is now a thing of the past. Thank Assurance Wireless for that. They provide you with the cheapest plans to fit your budget so you can always stay connected with your loved ones.

Assurance Wireless has a good network service all over. So it is pretty reassuring that we won’t be left blank or in the dark at any point of time. If we qualify according to their eligibility requirements, then we can have the best and cheapest wireless service in our hands. The eligibility requirement is for a reason as this service has been made available for the Government services and other similar affiliated service departments. So if you happen to fall in to one, then you are in luck. Check on their website to confirm if you are eligible or not.

Once it is confirmed that you are eligible then comes the simplest part. With any other service, this is the most tedious part of it all, but with Assurance Wireless it is really very simple. You can either call their advisory number and they will guide you through the entire process, or else you can fill the form online and submit the printout along with the required documents. Still this is not the best part. The best part is that there are absolutely no activation charges. Hence the Assurance Wireless application is very simple.

Once this procedure is done then all you need is to choose a plan from among their prebuilt ones they have already provided for us, whichever suits our requirements the best and start using. It literally is so simple. There is provision of free voice calls and texts in every plan. If you happen to use all the allotted calls and texts, then you can top-up your account.

Assurance Wireless top up is very simple as well. You can either top up from many stores all over the country. A Virgin Mobile top up works. Other than that you can top up from the website using you credit or debit card, recharge coupons or your pay pal account. So even this is very simple. Plus the charges for the extra usage are also very less i.e. about 10c per voice call and text.

Hence Assurance Wireless is a good service to have and is easy and cheap to use as well. So people who are eligible for this are surely recommended to get and use this one. It is very difficult to find something as good as this.

What people are saying about Assurance Wireless?

We all know how important it is to have a phone these days. That is why the government and the mobile company by the name Virgin Mobile have started a service by the name Assurance Wireless. Many of you might already know about it. Through this service, people who cannot afford a phone can receive a free cellular phone. Not only that, the phone also comes with free minutes and texts, which are 250 each. The free minutes can be used for local or national calls. People who have this free phone do not have to worry about the charges either, because the free minutes and the texts are recharged each month.

The people who are eligible for this service are those who have a low-income, or are unemployed or who are on disability benefits. All they have to do is visit the official site and fill out the Assurance Wireless form. After that, they need to mail the application along with the documents required by the service providers. On approval, the person will be provided with a free cellular phone in 3 to 4 weeks and they can start using the free minutes and texts however they please.

This service has helped many people in need, and that is why it has received a lot of praise from the people as well. The unemployed people have said how thankful they are to the service for providing them with a free phone, which has enabled them to stay in contact with a potential employer, their doctor as well as their family and friends. They do not have to worry about the charges because the free minutes and texts are recharged each month, and that is why they can keep using it depending on the terms and conditions, they got the phone in.

There are many testimonials received by the service, which shows that it is a good thing because it has enabled the needy to own the phone, which is a necessity in today’s world. There are also extra packages, which Assurance wireless offers to its users. These extra services provide people with more minutes and texts.

assurance wireless reviews

Assurance Wireless Application Guide

The world is moving very fast. There was a time when people used to contact each other via letters only. And the letters took ages to reach their destination. However, today the distances have been reduced to just a few minutes. You can contact people on the other side of the hemisphere just by pressing a few buttons. Mobile phones have a great role in this regard. They allow people to look after their loved ones and inquire about them even when they are very far away. However, everybody cannot afford one.

Government has made an effort to help such people. They have launched a service called “Assurance Wireless” which gives cell phones to people who are in need. To qualify for a mobile phone you have to be either jobless or have a low salary job. To facilitate such people 250 free minutes and 250 free messages are given to these people every month. Those which have also enrolled themselves in other government assistance programs like Medicaid, food stamps, federal public housing assistance, supplemental security income are also eligible to apply. To read more about the qualification criteria you can visit the home page

The assurance wireless application process is not a very difficult one. You can get the form downloaded and printed from the website. The submission of the assurance wireless application does not require any fee to be submitted along. So you do not need to have a debit card or a credit card to qualify. You just have to fill the form with all the required information, attach all the necessary documents and send it. The documents required are also the basic documents like proof of income and similar documents. Assurance wireless customer service can also be contacted to order a free phone. While when applied you can check your assurance wireless application status from the hotline number provided.

The assurance wireless service is provided in almost 30 American states. Even with this large number of states participating in this program there are still a few states that have not yet been enrolled into this program. To prevent any inconvenience a list of all the states is available on the website. One can easily check from the list if their state is included or not. You can also see the list from Available areas.

Assurance wireless provides 250 free minutes and messages to their customers every month. But it sometimes so happens that messages and minutes get finished before the month ends. So to help people in this condition assurance wireless top up cards are available, which allow you to get additional minutes and messages at a very low price.

Once the assurance wireless application has been submitted it takes about 3-4 weeks for the application to be processed. If your application gets approved you will be the owner of a mobile phone at the end of this time period. Before accepting the application it is made absolute sure that one family is not provided with 2 mobile phones. As one is enough for emergency use by one family. This also helps the company to extend their service to a wider group of people.

Available areas

Assurance Wireless is available in:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you don’t see your state, that means Assurance Wireless service is not currently available in your area.

Assurance Wireless Customer Service Program

Assurance wireless, a program launched by the government, helps the people in need of a mobile phone but cannot buy one becomes of low income. One always needs a mobile phone even if just for listening or doing calls or messages. Anything can happen at any time, and the problem worsens when you have no one around you to help. With a mobile phone in hand, you can call someone to come or help you or even police or ambulance in case of any emergency. Mobile phone has become a very important part of our lives these days. Today all the people in the family from kids to older people have a mobile phone, but for poor people even one is a blessing.

Assurance wireless application for a free mobile phone is available at the website and can be downloaded and printed from there. Fill out the form and along with the required documents send it to the company. The company will check and confirm your residential and salary status to consider you for the program. They also check if anyone else has a mobile phone in your family because they only provide one mobile phone for one family. If all the things go your way, then your application will be approved, and you will have your own mobile phone within a few days.

250 free minutes and free messages are provided every month to all the customers. If the number is less, then assurance wireless top up card in very low prices are available in the market to get hold of more minutes and messages. The company has made an effort to facilitate people in every way possible. To help every person at anytime they have also launched assurance wireless customer service.

When you look at an application form thousands of questions arise in your mind regarding it. Who to ask for help? Assurance wireless customer service was designed to help people in these situations. The staff of customer service is very helpful and guides you through the whole application and as many times as you ask. The service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year. So whenever you are having trouble with anything regarding the assurance wireless service all, you need to do is just give them a call.

Assurance wireless customer service not only helps you to fill the form, but it also keeps you informed regarding the status of your application. When you receive your mobile phone, they are also available to help you with the installation and make you acquainted with the working of the cell phone. This becomes important, especially when older people are the customers. They take quite some time to get hold of things and assurance wireless customer service remains with them all that time.

Whenever you have a difficulty operating the cell phone, you can call the assurance wireless customer service be it when using top up cards, looking for other services or when your cell phone stops working. Assurance wireless customer service will always be there to help.

Assurance wireless top up cards to the rescue

Mobile phone has become an absolute necessity in the modern era. If you don’t have a mobile phone today you cannot match your speed with that of the world. You will remain behind in the run. Although the latest mobile phones have become so advanced that you can manage your whole work by pushing a few buttons. However, you realize the importance of a mobile phone when you are in some kind of trouble and have no one nearby to help you. That is when you wish, you had a mobile phone. Well, the government has started a program to help such people who are so poor that they cannot afford a mobile phone.

Assurance Wireless is the program launched by the government to provide free cell phones to people who cannot buy one themselves. You are held eligible for a free mobile phone if you have a disability, unemployed or have a low-income job. And the service is for as long as you don’t find a better income job to buy a cell phone yourself. Until then, you can enjoy the service free of charge.

To apply for a free mobile phone you need to fill out the assurance wireless application form. You can easily get this application form from website or can order one through the assurance wireless customer service. Once your application gets approved you will receive a mobile phone.

When you first activate the mobile phone you receive 250 free minutes and 250 free messages. You continue to receive these free call minutes and messages every month for as long as you have the mobile phone with you. These minutes and messages are sometimes enough or maybe perhaps more than enough to spend the entire month. But sometimes they prove to be less. What will you do now when both the free minutes and free messages are free? Do not worry. Assurance wireless top up cards have been designed just for this kind of situations.

Assurance wireless top up cards are locally available from different stores. You can buy these cards and upgrade your package to get more minutes and messages. The assurance wireless top up cards are available for $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $40and $60. To take advantage of these cards you can either call the customer service or can simply enter the numbers given on the top up card onto your mobile phone. Instructions for using the assurance wireless top up cards are also mentioned on the cards themselves.

Many assurance wireless plans for more call minutes and messages are provided by the company. Like you can get 30 outgoing messages for $2, 100 messages for $5, $10 for 1000 messages and to enjoy unlimited incoming and outgoing messages you just have to pay $20. These plans are not at all costly when you compare them with plans provided by other similar service providers.

Instead of buying the assurance wireless top up cards every time you can take advantage of the assurance wireless automatic top up program. This program allows your account to be automatically upgraded after every month, 45 days or 90 days.

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