Tania – Verizon Wireless Review

Verizon Wireless is the largest cell phone provider in the US, after it’s acquisition of Alltel. The company is known for its reliability, network reach and customer service.

Different Plans
There are quite a number of plans offered by Verizon Wireless. Clients will choose from the traditional plans as well as the unlimited pricing plan, which is available for both individuals and families. With this company, every one will find the best plan that will suit their needs and budget.

Phone Features

Clients of Verizon Wireless will find a variety of phones to choose from, ranging from simplest phones to smartphones. These phones come with a variety of features including multimedia, internet connectivity, among others. Clients will benefit from VOIP technology, Skype calls as well as instant messaging. The clients will also be able to choose the phones of their choice at a subsidized price when they sign a commitment contract.

While the clients will enjoy subsidized phone prices, they will be required to pay a fee when they terminate the service before the end of the contract. They will need to pay as very high rates for an early termination for advanced devices. The termination rates will keep reducing every month if the contract is completed as stipulated. Phones that are purchased online will come with a waiver of the activation fee. There are no roaming charges in the US, but clients in Canada and Mexico will get plans to suit them, but at an additional cost.

Help and Support
The clients will be able to access the customer service on their email and toll-free telephone. Automated services are free, and users can get help from the live chat on the company’s website.

Other benefits the clients of Verizon Wireless will enjoy include multiple entertainment features like Mobile TV, ability to customize ring tones, wall papers and ring back tones. They can also enjoy GPS services, Push-to-talk and unlimited messaging on 3G phones.

Clients need to check out the features and plans from Verizon Wireless in order to choose the ones that that best suit their needs.

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