Rohit Mishra

I feel safe again thanks to safelink wireless

I was not sure what I was going to do when I gave up on a job earlier this year. I knew that my financial status was about to change and not for the better. I also knew that I would have to give up any nonessential spending that I could. My cell phone plan was expensive. I needed a communications device but there was no way I could afford to keep my current plan being out of work. Safelink wireless made my life so much easier.

I had never heard of the cell phone provider before, a friend of mine told me that the government offers emergency cell phone service to people who qualify because of their income. I made a few phone calls and applied for the service and found that I qualified. The application was easy to fill out and I received a free phone a few weeks later. I was still nervous about the whole thing.

When I got the phone and called the number I was supposed to call and immediately found out that I got free minutes every month. It’s only a few hours but that’s really all I need. The sound quality on the calls is amazing. I was surprised because I figured it would be lower than my more expensive phone. This was not the case, and I have only had a few dropped calls since I started using this service a few months ago.

I also have the option of using text messaging to communicate with people if I want to do so. This means I don’t have to feel isolated because I no longer have my more expensive phone plan. There is also the option of using voicemail so that I don’t have to worry about missing calls if I don’t have my phone in front of me.

If I don’t use my minutes during the month they carry over to the following month. This means if I know I’m going to be out of town or need this service for some reason I can monitor my number of minutes left and plan accordingly. The individual I spoke with what I got the phone also told me that if I want unlimited service I can pay to keep the phone once I start making better money again.
They did tell me that I am only allowed to have one of these phones per household. I found this to be a little bit frustrating because I wanted my teenage daughter to have one too. Instead we share the one that we have, if I know that I’m going to be home during the day I just let her use my phone.

I am grateful for safelink wireless because I don’t have to overspend for cell phone service anymore. Instead I can focus on providing for my other bills but still stay connected to the rest of the world. Best of all I get a great service for free. I guess that’s just the way it is sometimes, the best things in life really are free.

An Assurance To Stay Connected Always

All those problems that we had in past of not being able to stay in contact with our loved ones is now a thing of the past. Thank Assurance Wireless for that. They provide you with the cheapest plans to fit your budget so you can always stay connected with your loved ones.

Assurance Wireless has a good network service all over. So it is pretty reassuring that we won’t be left blank or in the dark at any point of time. If we qualify according to their eligibility requirements, then we can have the best and cheapest wireless service in our hands. The eligibility requirement is for a reason as this service has been made available for the Government services and other similar affiliated service departments. So if you happen to fall in to one, then you are in luck. Check on their website to confirm if you are eligible or not.

Once it is confirmed that you are eligible then comes the simplest part. With any other service, this is the most tedious part of it all, but with Assurance Wireless it is really very simple. You can either call their advisory number and they will guide you through the entire process, or else you can fill the form online and submit the printout along with the required documents. Still this is not the best part. The best part is that there are absolutely no activation charges. Hence the Assurance Wireless application is very simple.

Once this procedure is done then all you need is to choose a plan from among their prebuilt ones they have already provided for us, whichever suits our requirements the best and start using. It literally is so simple. There is provision of free voice calls and texts in every plan. If you happen to use all the allotted calls and texts, then you can top-up your account.

Assurance Wireless top up is very simple as well. You can either top up from many stores all over the country. A Virgin Mobile top up works. Other than that you can top up from the website using you credit or debit card, recharge coupons or your pay pal account. So even this is very simple. Plus the charges for the extra usage are also very less i.e. about 10c per voice call and text.

Hence Assurance Wireless is a good service to have and is easy and cheap to use as well. So people who are eligible for this are surely recommended to get and use this one. It is very difficult to find something as good as this.

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