Raiya Sirikal

H2O Wireless Review by Sirikal

H2O wireless which was formerly refered to as o2 wireless is a prepaid countrywide GSM mobile phone service operated in the U.S by the Lotus Communications. This service offers its customers an unlimited plan allowing customers to use any AT&T phone. It has monthly plans that include a $60 plan for unlimited talk time and text, 2GB of data or websites with no contracts. This service provider popularity is majorly because of its ability of the clients to bring their iPhones on the H2O network without changing the applications such as unlock and jailbreak. H2O wireless is powered by the leading GSM network with a wider coverage than Sprint, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile. One of the main H2O advantage is that you can use any unlucked T-mobile/ GSM or AT&T phone with glowing fast 4G speedwhich powered by the largest and fastest 4G network.

H20 wireless is a no contract service provider and customers are loyal because they love H2O. If you have been getting surprise bills in your mail consider migrating to the H2O as they don’t have any hidden fees. Customer service is readily avaiable by just calling a toll free number during the usual business hours or through email. The payment options are also easy as you top up your account by buying refill cards either by ordering online or by retail store. H2O offers its clients several international calling alterantives with one of such options offering calling to some countries same as the domestic rate. One of the H2O drawback is that most of its plans are confusing. The offer both minute and monthly plans which give the customers different rates for each service. For instance there are $40,$50 and $60 monthly plans that offer unlimited picture messaging, text, data and talk time. The daily plans also offers unlimited talk and text on the pay as you go side plan.

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