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What The Reachout Wireless Can Provide To U.S. Citizens

The Reachout wireless is a mobile network company that is operated by the Nexus Communication in behalf of the United States government. This service provider gives affordable monthly packages to accommodate the needs of an average American Citizen. Here are the details of the services they are offering:

1. Plan A – It includes 68 minutes of free calls with 0.3 cents charged on incoming as well as outgoing text messages. The remaining balance of minutes not used within the month’s duration will be carried over for the next months used. Checkout Reachout wireless free phones

2. Plan B – It includes 125 minutes of free calls with the inclusion of the text messaging that charges 1 minute per outgoing and incoming texts. The remaining minutes will also be added for next month’s use.

3. Plan C – It includes 25o minutes of free calls within the United States and all text messages are charged 1 minute/text for every message sent or received within the duration of the month. The carry over feature does not apply in this kind of monthly plan.

Reachout Wireless’ mission is to give every American the luxury of constant communication without having to spend more on what you can afford. So where ever you are and where ever you may go, you can always be assured that you will be in touch with you loved ones at all time. Some other companies are also there in the market with same mission. You need to check safelink free phone and Verizon wireless reviews.

In addition to this, Reachout Wireless provides the wide range of stylish phones so that you will always stay on contact and never go out of style.

So what are you waiting for? Why worry about paying more for your monthly phone bills when you can have a service that gives you what you truly deserve? Choose Reachout Wireless today and leave you mobile worries away. Also have a look at the H2O wireless reviews.

The Pros And Cons Of Assurance Wireless

In these hard times, it’s not easy having a mobile phone. Apart from terms and conditions of the services you have to follow, you also have to maintain the monthly fees to keep the network from functioning. What if you are one of those who are underprivileged and cannot afford any mobile phone, yet you need one based on your necessity? Is there are way to get a mobile phone in the cheapest way possible? Fortunately, we are living in the land of the free and because of that the United States is willing to provide mobile phones from Assurance Wireless. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of using Assurance Wireless. This article is created to give an overview of what this network can offer to the American people.

Network Profile:
To begin with, let’s talk about the profile of this network provider. Assurance Wireless is a network which is powered by Virgin Mobile U.S.A. for the United States government. They provide free mobile network services to qualified individuals who are categorically belonging to the underprivileged class. To be more specific these are those individuals who have low income due to less job opportunities, the unemployed, marginalized public, and those who have disabilities. The Assurance Wireless standard plan includes free mobile phone with 250 minutes of local or long distance calls and text that can be consumed for a month. Once you qualify for the Assurance plan, you have the option to upgrade the services they are offering provided that you will now have to pay fo the additional features.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Assurance Wireless:
The Advantages of acquiring the Assurance network are as follows:

1. The basic plan is provided for free – this means that you can use your mobile phone without having to worry of paying any fees.

2. Free mobile phone – you don’t have to purchase the mobile phone unit because it is given for free, provided that you qualify for the category of the underprivileged.

3. Plan upgrades option available – once you have the means to pay for the additional service, you can upgrade your existing plan into a much better service to suit your every needs.

On the other hand, the downside of using Assurance Wireless includes the following:

1. Available only in selected areas in the United States – this means that there are only limited states that can avail of the Assurance network service.

2. One phone per family – this means that only one unit of mobile phone is issued per family. What if there’s more that one member of the family who needs a mobile phone?

3. Basic plan is fixed – this means that once you have consumed all the perks included on the standard plan, you will still have to wait for next month to avail of their services again.

All in all, the assurance wireless is a great network for those who are trying to make ends meet. It may be limited to some areas in the country, but at least the United States government is still doing something for the people. If given a chance, are you going to use this network provider?

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