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Qualify for a free cell phone from Assurance Wireless

Having a cell phone is a necessity in today’s world. People need a way to keep in contact with one another and owning a phone is a must in order to do so. However, there are people who can’t afford a phone because they don’t have the proper resources. Assurance wireless is a way through which people can own the phone they want. You can think of Assurance wireless as a free government service that is provided to eligible citizens for free.

free cell phoneThese free phones are powered by Virgin Mobiles USA and people who have low-income, are unemployed or are on disability benefits are eligible for this service. One of the best things about this service is that the eligible people don’t just get a free phone; they also get 250 free minutes as well as text messages. They can make long distance as well as local calls from the free minutes they get.

Assurance Wireless Program

This service makes it easy for the eligible citizens. That’s why the service offers several plans and options from which people can choose. They can also pay for the upgrades which will provide them with additional features. Some of the options which people can get, through the upgrade, are additional MMS, SMS and minutes. An easy to understand how this Lifeline Phone Program works is;

  • 250 Free Voice Minutes and 250 Free Texts automatically added each month.
  • You can add money if you decide to choose the $5, $20 or the $30 plan and then pay for any other services you desire. You can get additional minutes, texting or make international calls.
  • You can buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from thousands of stores across the U.S. You can also use debit, credit cards or PayPal.

There are also monthly plan choices which the person can choose from;

  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Web by adding $30 each month.
  • 1000 Minutes and 1000 Texts by adding $20 each month.
  • 500 Minutes and 500 Texts by adding $5 each month.

If you make the decision of adding money to your account by using a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card or a debit or credit card, then you can also benefit from other offerings provided by Virgin Mobile like;

  • Additional voice minutes and additional text messages for 10¢ each
  • International calling at affordable rates to more than 200 countries
  • Messaging Packs as low as $5 for 200 messages (only for the customers having the plan that doesn’t have texts included)
  • 411 service at $1.75 per call plus the standard airtime charges
  • Many more services!

By paying a little more, you can get more beneficial features on your phone through the assurance wireless top up.

Knowing more about Assurance Wireless

As mentioned above, there are numerous plans and options which you can choose from. One thing to keep in mind is that the Assurance wireless phone is provided to one person in each family, and it is also non transferable.

There are two ways for a person to be eligible for this service. The criteria for eligibility are the government assistance criteria and the income related criteria. This means that people who are registered to a government assistance program or service as well as those who have low incomes are eligible for the service. Through this service, they can receive a free virgin mobile which 250 free minutes each month. The government plans which the person must be registered to are the food stamps, SSI or Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Temporary assistance to needy families and many others.

How to Qualify

If you are interested in receiving a free phone with free texts and minutes then there is a procedure you must follow. The first thing you must do is visit the official website ( and print out the copy of the form which you have to mail along with all the necessary documents. When the form is approved, you will receive your free phone in 3 to 4 weeks. It’s so simple!

What you need to keep in mind is that the Assurance wireless application isn’t approvable in all 50 states. It is available in selected states like New York, Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Michigan, Alabama, West Virginia, South Carolina, New Hampshire and 17 other states.

You can enter your zip code during the application process in order to see if the government is able to issue free phones in the area you are in. If you have any questions, you can take the help of Assurance wireless customer service. Calls made to the customer service are toll free, and you can ask any question you might have regarding the service.

Why you need Assurance Wireless?

Owning a cellular phone has become a necessity. There are many important reasons why a person should have a phone. It allows them to stay in contact with other people. They can call as well as receive calls from a potential employer, the doctor, family members, etc. They can also call someone in an emergency and get the help they need. Not everyone is able to own a phone, and that’s where Assurance Wireless comes to help.

assurance wirelessThrough this service, the eligible people who are unemployed, have low income or are on disability benefits can receive a free phone along with free minutes and texts. The Assurance wireless application forms are free and on approval, the eligible applicant can get the phone they need.

Even if people aren’t approved, they can still apply for special discounts when buying a cellular phone, or they can get discounts on call packages. Through the assurance wireless top up, people can get more benefits like additional free minutes and free texts, every month.

If you want to remain in touch with people but don’t have the resources to do so, then Assurance wireless can help you own a phone in order to make your life easier because of its numerous benefits.

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