Assurance Wireless Customer Service Program

Assurance wireless, a program launched by the government, helps the people in need of a mobile phone but cannot buy one becomes of low income. One always needs a mobile phone even if just for listening or doing calls or messages. Anything can happen at any time, and the problem worsens when you have no one around you to help. With a mobile phone in hand, you can call someone to come or help you or even police or ambulance in case of any emergency. Mobile phone has become a very important part of our lives these days. Today all the people in the family from kids to older people have a mobile phone, but for poor people even one is a blessing.

Assurance wireless application for a free mobile phone is available at the website and can be downloaded and printed from there. Fill out the form and along with the required documents send it to the company. The company will check and confirm your residential and salary status to consider you for the program. They also check if anyone else has a mobile phone in your family because they only provide one mobile phone for one family. If all the things go your way, then your application will be approved, and you will have your own mobile phone within a few days.

250 free minutes and free messages are provided every month to all the customers. If the number is less, then assurance wireless top up card in very low prices are available in the market to get hold of more minutes and messages. The company has made an effort to facilitate people in every way possible. To help every person at anytime they have also launched assurance wireless customer service.

When you look at an application form thousands of questions arise in your mind regarding it. Who to ask for help? Assurance wireless customer service was designed to help people in these situations. The staff of customer service is very helpful and guides you through the whole application and as many times as you ask. The service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year. So whenever you are having trouble with anything regarding the assurance wireless service all, you need to do is just give them a call.

Assurance wireless customer service not only helps you to fill the form, but it also keeps you informed regarding the status of your application. When you receive your mobile phone, they are also available to help you with the installation and make you acquainted with the working of the cell phone. This becomes important, especially when older people are the customers. They take quite some time to get hold of things and assurance wireless customer service remains with them all that time.

Whenever you have a difficulty operating the cell phone, you can call the assurance wireless customer service be it when using top up cards, looking for other services or when your cell phone stops working. Assurance wireless customer service will always be there to help.

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