Assurance Wireless Application Guide

The world is moving very fast. There was a time when people used to contact each other via letters only. And the letters took ages to reach their destination. However, today the distances have been reduced to just a few minutes. You can contact people on the other side of the hemisphere just by pressing a few buttons. Mobile phones have a great role in this regard. They allow people to look after their loved ones and inquire about them even when they are very far away. However, everybody cannot afford one.

Government has made an effort to help such people. They have launched a service called “Assurance Wireless” which gives cell phones to people who are in need. To qualify for a mobile phone you have to be either jobless or have a low salary job. To facilitate such people 250 free minutes and 250 free messages are given to these people every month. Those which have also enrolled themselves in other government assistance programs like Medicaid, food stamps, federal public housing assistance, supplemental security income are also eligible to apply. To read more about the qualification criteria you can visit the home page

The assurance wireless application process is not a very difficult one. You can get the form downloaded and printed from the website. The submission of the assurance wireless application does not require any fee to be submitted along. So you do not need to have a debit card or a credit card to qualify. You just have to fill the form with all the required information, attach all the necessary documents and send it. The documents required are also the basic documents like proof of income and similar documents. Assurance wireless customer service can also be contacted to order a free phone. While when applied you can check your assurance wireless application status from the hotline number provided.

The assurance wireless service is provided in almost 30 American states. Even with this large number of states participating in this program there are still a few states that have not yet been enrolled into this program. To prevent any inconvenience a list of all the states is available on the website. One can easily check from the list if their state is included or not. You can also see the list from Available areas.

Assurance wireless provides 250 free minutes and messages to their customers every month. But it sometimes so happens that messages and minutes get finished before the month ends. So to help people in this condition assurance wireless top up cards are available, which allow you to get additional minutes and messages at a very low price.

Once the assurance wireless application has been submitted it takes about 3-4 weeks for the application to be processed. If your application gets approved you will be the owner of a mobile phone at the end of this time period. Before accepting the application it is made absolute sure that one family is not provided with 2 mobile phones. As one is enough for emergency use by one family. This also helps the company to extend their service to a wider group of people.

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