Choosing The Best Cell Phone Provider For You

Having a cellular phone these days is considered to be a more necessity rather than a luxury. It’s important that everyone should have one in order to be easily reached at any time of the day and to have that wireless advantage in communicating with one another. Are you planning on having a cell phone but having trouble deciding on which service provider to avail? In this article, we are going to talk about choosing the best cell phone provider that is suitable to your lifestyle. This article aims to provide useful information so that any person will know the services provided by the cell phone provider before actually buying a mobile phone.

Choosing From Available Prepaid Phones

There are dozens of prepaid phone plans available in the market, however choosing the right plan and cell phone service provider for it is one tough task. You as a customer have to be extra careful while selecting an inexpensive prepaid plan with no annual contract and hidden usage charges or fees. Look around and read customer reviews to know more about prepaid phones and do it right!

The Top 5 Cell Phone Service Providers In The U.S. Today

Now that you know the factor in choosing the best cell phone plan, it’s also recommended that you should know about the top 5 wireless providers in the United States today. This is for the purpose of limiting your choices to the best options and getting the optimal services from the plans offered by these companies:


assurance wireless

1.Assurance Wireless – this is a service provider that is provided for free by the U.S. Government to those individuals who have low income, unemployed, and even those who have disabilities. Qualified individuals are given free mobile phones along with free 250 minutes of call (local or long distance) that are powered by Virgin Mobile U.S.A. The phone also comes with the standard features (call, SMS, and MMS). Aside from that, Assurance wireless also provides several plans and options for you to choose as you can pay for any upgrades you wish to avail. The Assurance wireless is available only in some selected areas around the country. Moreover, it’s a non transferable service and only one cellular phone is provided to every American family. This ideal if you’re in need of a mobile phone while trying to make end meet.


h2o wireless

2.H20 Wireless – this service is powered by American Wireless and they offer simple yet affordable plans to meet you everyday mobile communication needs ranging from $40-$60 a month. All plans are unlimited and they take pride in using the 4G technology, which is the largest on all GSM networks in the United States. And best of all, you will not be tied under a specific contract to use the plan and there are no hidden fees involved. H20 Wireless also allow you to keep you current cell phone even if it’s AT&T or T-Mobile unlocked unit. If you are a practical person, then this service provider might work for you.


reachout wireless3.Reachout Wireless – this service is powered by Nexus Communications and is one of the many government phone operators in the United States today. They also offer free phones with free 250 minutes of calls included. The plans they offer are the following: 68 free monthly minutes with 0.3 text charged on every incoming or outgoing transaction, the remaining minutes to be carried over for next month; 125 free minutes with incoming and outgoing text for 1 minute, the remaining minutes to be carried over for next month’s use; and 250 free monthly minutes (no carry over) and all texts are charge 1 minute per send or receive.


safelink wireless4.Safelink Wireless – this is also an ideal service made available to those who are income eligible. They offer standard services as well as 250 minutes of local and national long distance calls. Safelink offers 3 type of plan and these are: Plan 1 – 68 minutes of call that can be used for international calls with remaining minutes to be carried over the next month, 3 texts per minute , voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting; Plan 2 – 125 minutes of call and remaining balance to be carried over next month, 1 text per minute, call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail; and the Plan 3: 250 minutes of call every month, 1 text per minute, caller ID, call waiting, and voice mail.


verizon wireless5.Verizon Wireless – most of the cell phone plans offered by Verizon today includes voice mail, email, internet access, and SMS and MMS capable. And they offer some of the latest mobile and smart phones such as the Samsung galaxy III and the Iphone 5. The Verizon mobile phone service can be advantageous in such a way that some plans may allow the consumers to change the minutes of the call, the data limits, even the features involved in a particular plan. This means that you will have the full control to change the services in your plan on a monthly basis to suit your current lifestyle. This makes Verizon wireless truly a reliable cell phone provider once you will decide to avail one of their plans.


What Is A Cell Phone Service Provider:

Before we proceed into choosing the best cell phone provider for you, let’s try to understand more what a cell phone service provider is and why this is necessary for any mobile phone to function. By definition, a cell phone service provider is a term often used to indicate companies that are offering communication and network services to mobile phones to personal computers and other related devices. It is a form of service which comprise of certain features provided for the use of the consumers under a fixed price. The mobile phone will just be another gadget and it will cease to perform its function if it’s not powered by a specific service provider. The term “service provider” is often used under these prolific trades in the information industry today:


1. Internet Service Providers (ISP) – these are composed of different companies providing internet service access. They are responsible for ensuring the connectivity of the consumer availing a specific internet plan by controlling the bandwidth or the speed of the internet connection in their scope of network.

2. Telecommunication Service Provider – these are composed of various companies who offer different mobile phone plans. Unlike the ISP where the service varies from the internet speed, the TSM offer their plans by introducing different features as well as the accessibility of the mobile phone to make either local or international calls (coverage).

The information being mentioned above are discussed for the sake of comprehending the true concept of the term “service provider”. But for the sake of this article’s topic, we are going to focus more on the leading cell phone service providers in the United States today and the plans they offer.


The 4 Main Factors To Consider:

If you are going to buy a mobile phone today, here are some things you need to think of:


1. Coverage – this is very important as this will indicate the range of accessibility of the plan you will use. If the coverage will span all across the main regions of the United States, then could be the ideal mobile phone for you.

2. Minutes of the plan – the talk time of the plan you have chosen should at least meet the average minutes of the calls you are going to make. Every plan comes with different talk time. The more minutes of call being offered, the more pricey will the plan turn out to be. So be wise in choosing the plan for the mobile phone you will buy so that you can really get the value of your money’s worth.

3. Additional features – every mobile phone plan comes with different features that would cater our every need. Just choose the features of the plan that can really work to your advantage.

4. The model of the mobile phone – most of the plans offered by TSM companies today comes with the coolest cellular phone models to attract customers. So be practical in choosing the right plan and you will surely have the latest model, if not, the most efficient mobile phone in your hands.


It’s best to evaluate all the plans indicated so that you can truly avail the kind of service you are really looking for. Hopefully, this article on choosing the best cell phone provider for you will prove to be helpful in making you ultimate decision to get the best plan to suit your lifestyle.

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