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A Review On Verizon Wireless

Does your mobile network give you a lot of problems and you want to switch to a better one? Do you want to get the kind of service you deserve? If you want some improvement on you mobile service then, it’s about time you have to get the best. In this article, we are going to know more about the Verizon Wireless and the benefits of using this mobile network. This article is created to serve as a review to give an overview on what to expect when subscribing to this cell phone provider.

About The Company:
Verizon Wireless became the largest network provider in the United States after getting hold of Alltel 2009. It was also the first carrier to offer a 3G network for subscribers (GPS service, music store, and a TV network-the first mobile carrier to launch in the U.S.). The Verizon Wireless Company was formed back in 2000 after the merger of GTE Wireless and Bell Atlantic was done. Today, this network is managed under the joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone.

Facts That You Need To Know:
Verizon Wireless has a nationwide coverage with most services covering every state (though there not all services are made available in Alaska and actual reception of mobile phone signals may vary by location). It also has international roaming capability through CDMA Technology and it’s available in 40 different countries including United States territories. Aside from this, here are some specifications you need to know:

  • Prepaid plans are made available to accommodate the average income individuals.
  • Family plans are also offered for those families and relatives who want to enjoy the company’s service as a whole and get cheaper deals.
  • 3G network included (EV-DO) with CDMA Technology
  • Music downloads through V Cast Wireless Music
  • Live video streaming available through V Cast Mobile TV and Verizon V Cast
  • PTT (Push-to-talk) feature available depending on the model of the phone

As of the recent tally, Verizon Wireless has 92 million subscriber all over the United States and some selected regions all over the globe.


Why You Should Switch To Verizon Wireless:
If you want to know why this mobile network is considered the best, you should check out these reasons and see for yourself:


1. Excellent plans offered – the company offers traditional and unlimited plans to suit your every need. Here are the details of the plans offered:


Basic ($39.99)* – 450 minutes talk time with $.45 billed for every excess minute used when the 450 minutes is up.

Generous ($59.99)* – includes 900 minutes of call time with $.40 billed for every excess minute used with popular family and friends feature which allows you to assign 5 domestic numbers (local or mobile) that can be called with unlimited time.

* –  an additional $20 can be made to get the unlimited texting service.


Family plans:

I. Entry level ($69.99) – 700 shared minutes of talk time for 2 lines with 3 lines allowable to be added for just $9.99/line. Every exceeding minute used is billed for $.45.

II. 2nd level ($89.99) – 1400 shared minutes for 2 lines and every exceeding minute billed for $.40 with 10 numbers allowed for the popular family and friends feature.

III. 3rd Level ($99.99) – 2000 shared minutes for 2 lines and every exceeding minute billed for $.35 with 10 numbers allowed for the popular family and friends feature.

* – an additional $30 can be made to get the unlimited texting service.


2. Widest coverage – no more “dead spots” as Verizon Wireless covers most states in the U.S. including some selected areas worldwide.


3. Coolest phones – once you avail any of their plans today, you will have the opportunity to grab the latest phones like the iPhone 5 and the Samsung galaxy 3.


On a scale of 1 to 10 (with the being the highest), Verizon Wireless would have to be 8.5 considering all the aspect of their service. With superb service, awesome plans, and the coolest phones what more could you ask for? So go to your nearest mobile phone store and subscribe to Verizon today.


An In-Depth Overview of the History of Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is currently the largest mobile phone carrier in the United States as a result of a series of acquisitions. Verizon Wireless was founded in 2000 after the merger of several smaller telecommunications companies.

Verizon WirelessThe Company Was Formed With the Help of Regulations

The companies that came before Verizon have roots that go back to the very start of the telephone business. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the technology was perfected. Throughout the 20th century, whether or not a telecommunications company could operate in any community could operate in any community was determined by government regulations. This practice changed when the Telecommunications Act was enacted in 1996, as a result of which a free-market system was put in place.

Verizon Wireless Gets Its Name As A Result of Merger

It was back in June 30, 2000 when Verizon Communications Inc. was formed according to the official website of the company. It was formed after two smaller companies, the Connecticut-based GTE Corp and the New York-based Bell Atlantic Corp. merged together. The Verizon name is a combination of two Latin words, “Veritas,” which means truth or reliability, and “horizon,” which is supposed to signify looking into the future. At the time the two companies merged together, 13.8 million wireless users through the nation had also been combined.

The Merger Prove To Be Significantly Valuable

Verizon was established in a time when mobile phones were becoming increasing popular. Previously, wireless technology consisted of high-priced plans and only certain consumers could afford them. Throughout the 1990s, the technology was at the primary level and at the turn of the century when the timing was right, the technology started to take off. Bell and GTE had a rich, and since the wireless communications industry had started to flourish rapidly, thus Verizon Wireless was valued at over $52 billion.

Many Approvals from Shareholders Needed

The two companies did not just merge overnight. Bell and GTE had many shareholders, and their approvals were needed before the two companies could be merged into one. In fact, approval from quite a few government agencies was also needed. The U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and a selection of international agencies were among them. Moreover, Verizon also needed the approval of the regulatory commissions within the twenty-seven states where the newly formed telecommunications company was serving and continues to serve.

Verizon Stands Tall Because of Company Strengths

The officials who came with the idea of merging Bell and GTE had intended to combine the strengths of two companies together. That is how Verizon became the mega wireless telecommunications company that it is today. At the time that the two companies were merged, Bell was serving customers in thirteen states along the East coast and the company was recognized for its huge overall customer base. On the other hand, GTE was another notable telecommunications company for offering enhanced long-distance services and using advanced technology.

Controversies Behind the Merger

Several published reports have stated that the merging of Bell and GTE to create Verizon Wireless resulted in several controversies. The biggest controversy was from consumer advocacy organizations. They claimed that the costs for users would increase if a couple of large companies took control of wireless technology because of the limited competition in the industry. These claims were countered by Verizon executives saying that the “economies of scale” would be represented by the rate structures of that time. Not much information is available whether or not some layoffs occurred because of department synergies, but when two companies merge together; this is a common side effect.

Overall, Verizon Wireless had embraced the vision of serving global customers from the very start and that is what it is doing today. In fact, the technology strategy in the longer term is to pull these customers together, making sure that they are not pushed apart. Even though, Verizon Wireless is America’s largest wireless telecommunications company, but the company still has a lot of work to do in the industry. Many global customers want to do regional and global wireless deals, and users are quite wary about under-delivering companies that tend to over-promise. Thus, there are still several challenges that the company has to face. Nonetheless, overall Verizon Wireless has achieved quite a lot and is certainly doing quite well.

  • Matt O’Bleness

    Because of the employees Verizon hires I am pro choice. I have never talked to more incompetent people in my entire life than I have talking to their employees. Congrats you just made took the first place spot for the worlds shittiest company in the world. I’d rather use Morris code for communication than to go back to having services with Verizon. I’ve had more intelligent conversations with my dog than I have with their employees including management. So if you’re unemployed and so stupid your own family won’t associate with you apply to Verizon they’ll hire you right on the spot!
    Lick sack Verizon!

  • milan dragin

    i just moved to elgin,il a few weeks ago from florida and i have the lifeline assistance program with tracfone. do you offer the same service, if so i would like to switch over to verizon. milan dragin 1441 maple lane, elgin,il 60123 386 264 3014

  • Thomas H.

    Hello there, first of all I’d like to say that this is one of the best reviews about Verizon Wireless that I have read. I’ve recently been looking into going on a different network for my phone, and as you can guess, Verizon’s sheer reach held my interest. I love the clear way in which you presented overviews for all of their plans, and I didn’t even know that Verizon is actually planning on taking hold of the international market. With that being said, I think you should have put a bit more time into describing the phones they have available; even though it’s nice to be able to buy top-of-the-line phones, some of us are looking for specific or basic options. Also, it would have helped if you could have included some kind of link where we can find what Verizon’s dead zones are, but I can totally understand why you didn’t bother.

    Finally, I’d just like to end my overly long comment by saying that the second part of the article, the one dedicated to the company’s history, was actually quite enlightening. I’m definitely going to check out more of your reviews soon. Good luck!

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    Verizon is one of the best cell phone companies. I belong to Verizon and these are some pretty interesting facts about Verizon. I think Verizon will continue to be so popular because its a unique company.

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