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ReachOut wireless was introduced to me by friend and I was really interested in trying it out. After just a few months, I called her back and let her know how I felt about the company. The first thing that I told her about was how happy I was about their service and how they really took care of me. I was really shocked at first because I didn’t think that a government assisted wireless service would be so accommodating. The best thing about ReachOut wireless is that I didn’t have to pay any money upfront to activate and that was really helpful. I simply just got my package in the mail with my preloaded phone and I was ready to make my first few phone calls. I highly recommend ReachOut wireless and I am very happy that my friend told me about them. If you are looking for a phone service yet you don’t have the money, then this is where you should go.

  • ferytata

    This government owned network really gives the kind of mobile convenience that every American deserves. I’m glad I stick to using Reachout Wireless.

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    First thank you for your wonderful comments about ReachOut Wireless. We at Nexus pride ourselves in providing professional compassionate work and our company is glad you have recognizing those qualities.

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