Aim To Connect All With Assurance Wireless

Apart from rail, road and flight, today people need a phone connection that makes them resourceful. People want to get connected at least for health issues and social causes. At the same time, acquiring a cell phone is tough for low income range people and especially for them, Assurance Wireless is the solution, wherein an eligible poor man can avail a free phone with monthly free talk time and free SMS package.

This free service rendered by USA Government is cultivated by Virgin Mobiles USA. It is specifically designed to provide free phone communication to citizens of lower income group, unemployed or disabled. For authentication, the citizen should have registered in different government agencies like SSI, Medicaid, Temporary assistance to needy families, Federal Public Housing Assistance, etc.

The application form can be printed from the official site of Assurance Wireless and after submitting the duly filled form, if the applicant is eligible, the free phone with package is sent to the applicant within 3 to 4 weeks.

Only one member of a family is eligible to avail this scheme which again, is not transferable.

As per scheme, the eligible citizen shall be provided with a free cell phone and a monthly package of 250 minutes free talk time including long distance calls and 250 free text messages. Every subsequent month this pack is added to the consumers’ account.

Apart from the free package, one can upgrade by paying some extra amount for additional features like increase in talk time, MMS, SMS and international calls. People can buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards for these extras to the existing free calls and SMS.

  • Rob

    Though the aim is simply to help the needy people by providing a free phone network all over USA, till date the task is incomplete. It has not yet covered all 50 states and is presently available to less than 30 states.

    At the time of application process, by entering the zip code, you can see whether your zone is covered in the scheme or not. Sooner Assurance Wireless covers all states, better it would be for the poor and needy.

    With the existing network, some areas are still facing problems related to low range signals. Many users are facing frequent disconnections during talk time and hopefully it will be minimized soon with better network support.

    One member per family is the limitation of this scheme. The reason is understood, but nowadays, it is difficult for a family to manage with a single phone where more than one person needs to communicate.

    No doubt, free Cell phone with monthly package by USA government is a landmark step for mankind. By help of this, needy poor people can contact their employers, doctors and family members at least without worrying about the cost factor.

    Last but not least, this good scheme may turn out to be extravagant, if one can not control use of this free facility efficiently. Naturally, by month end, with heavy use of cell phone, a poor man may become poorer by adding top-ups again and again.

    Thank you.

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